Year 2020 Calendar For the Joto Conservation Area

Art direction, Illustration, Magazine

This is the 2020 calendar which is designed for the Joto Conservation Area by illustration.

The Joto Conservation Area is a preserved historic site in Tsuyama city in Okayama prefecture. The towns on the eastern side of Tsuyama Castle are the areas that are being preserved.

The road is 1.2 kilometers long and was built at the time of Tadamasa Mori, the first leader of the Tsuyama clan. Originally, to make the enemies think the road had come to a dead end, the road bends a lot like a key. More than 160 buildings along the road are left as traditional architecture reminders of the early modern period.

In the Edo Period, there were many merchant houses. Even today, there are still old stores which started running from that time.

The people in this illustration are our family.You can guess who is which animal motif in regard with me, my husband and baby. Feel free to keep your answer here.

Thanks 🙂

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